Project Steering Committee (PSC)

Chair: PC (Prof. J.P. Gan)

Members: Co-Pls (Task leaders: Profs P. Lam, M.H. Dai, H.B. Liu)

Stakeholder representatives: Drs Chu (AFCD), Leung (EPD), Chan (HKO)

International Advisory Committee (IAC)

Profs J.L. Su (SOA), D.X. Hu (CAS), D.Chen (SOA), L.X. Wu (OUC), R.H. Zhang (Fudan), W.J. Cai (UDEL), James C. McWilliams (UCLA), Don Anderson (WHOI)

Sources / sinks of nutrients and chemical controls
Task 1
Ecosystem dynamics and biological controls
Task 2
Pollutant and ecosystem impact
Task 3
Physical controls, synthesis and future trends
Task 4
Project Office (PO)

Overseen by PC (Prof. J.P. Gan)

Manager: Dr. Z.M. Lu, Administrative assistant: Karen Law

Field-work Management Committee (FMC)

Chair: Manager (Dr. Z.M. Lu)

Members: Representatives of four tasks

Data Management Committee (DMC)

Chair: Manager (Dr. W.F. Lai)

Members: Representatives of four tasks