OCEAN_HK Data and Modeling Server

Theme: "Diagnosis and prognosis of intensifying eutrophication, hypoxia and the ecosystem consequences around Hong Kong waters: coupled physical-biogeochemical-pollution studies"

How to Use this Data Sever

  • Step 1, Become a site member. Go to the “Data Access Request” page to submit an account application.
  • Step 2, We will create accounts for the applicants and inform them by email.
  • Step 3, And then the user can login/logout and change the password on "Login/Logout" page. After login, the user can visit the cruise reports and download the model data.
  • Step 4, If the user want to get the cruise data, the user need to complete the “Application Form” and get the authorization.
  • Data Policy Agreement

    This policy is to regulate the distribution, usage, sharing and publishing of data of the TRS project. It aims to have better data sharing and right-protection of the data for the benefit of the research of the OCEAN_HK project. More ...