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Velocity vectors and cross-isobath component


The first row illustrates the velocity vectors in the upper (0-10m), intermediate (10-20 m) and lower (below 20 m) layer of the water column. The second row exhibits their respective  We investigated the interactive coastal and bay circulations over the shelf in the southeast of Hong Kong waters. It is showed that in summer, the shelf current, intensified along the edge of the buoyant plume from Pearl River Estuary, is mainly flowing northeastward over the 30m isobath. Shelf waters in the intermediate and lower layers below 10 m are guided by a unique coastal trough in the lee of Hong Kong and intruded to the Mirs Bay. These intrusive waters refreshed the waters inside Mirs Bay and determined the bay circulation inside. There is an anti-cyclonic circulation formed in the upper layer of Mirs Bay, with the shelf waters intrudes along its west bank and extrudes along its east bank, respectively.