Ocean Circulation, Ecosystem, HypoxiA and CoNsequences (OCEAN_HK) Seminar 2020


Organised by Ocean Circulation, Ecosystem, HypoxiA and CoNsequences (OCEAN_HK), the Zoom semiar 'Biogeochemical cycles and benthic-pelagic coupling' was successfully held on 5 August 2020.

In this talk, Prof. Jiying Li of Department of Ocean Science, HKUST, first introduced the dynamic benthic-pelagic biogeochemical couplings in various systems and present recent work that combines field and laboratory analyses with modeling to characterize the geochemistry of water column and sediments, quantify elemental fluxes, transformation pathways and rates, and unravel their fundamental controls. She then examined how dynamics of oxygen and sedimentation regulate sedimentary processes, and how sediments sequestrate carbon and remove nutrients (N and P) from the systems, control nutrient dynamics in the water column, and contribute to consumption of oxygen. Prof. Li also outlined future research avenues and prospects of multidisciplinary collaborations, such as studying the effects of physical processes on sediments transport, interplays of nutrient dynamics and plankton metabolisms, interactions between benthos and sediments, and element and energy flows on ecosystem scales.